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Go Ahead, Ask Questions

We believe in asking lots of questions. It’s what got us started in the game of creating our own natural products… from the “why is this in there?” to the “How do you pronounce that?” we welcome your concerns and inquires. We’re an open book! Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to get in contact with you to sort things out. If it’s a good enough question it just might make it onto the FAQ list!


Where do you get your ingredients?
Do your products contain sunscreen?
Do you use preservatives?
What does the term natural mean?

Orders & Shipping

Do you ship outside the US?
Do you offer free samples or sell sample sizes?
Do you have a money back guarantee?

Using Golden Sky Products

Are your products safe for the whole family?
Are your products tested on animals?
Do you have any vegan products?
I have tried many natural deodorants that don’t work, why should I try yours?
My armpits are red and itchy and they burn, why?
How much deodorant should I use?
Do I really have to touch my armpits to apply the deodorant?
Are there any products I should avoid if I have sensitive skin?
I’m a man, can I also use your products?
Where are your products made?