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Our Story

I'm Danielle.

and I'm the founder of Golden Sky Naturals.

Five years ago, I was sitting in my busy house (three kids and killer view of Arizona’s golden skies) when I had a thought:

What if we fed our skin the same way we feed our bodies?

We’re a no B.S. kind of family. When I up-ended my family’s diet, I knew it had to be easy for the kids and I to understand. So I quickly implemented a ‘no no’ list of ingredients, along with an easy to follow standard: we don’t eat anything with ingredients we can’t pronounce. Period.

After seeing the huge difference clean food made on my family, I went to replace our skin and body care too. I wanted to apply my easy philosophies around food to skincare, but even in a sea of all natural and clean beauty products, I couldn’t find basic items that were both no B.S. and good for my family.

Not one to give up that easy (or at all), I started making products myself using clean, simple ingredients. It wasn’t long before friends were asking for their own batches.

And just like that, Golden Sky Naturals was born. Minimal ingredients, maximum impact. Safe, clean and sustainable for your family and the planet. That’s Golden Sky Naturals.

From my family to yours,