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Extreme Natural Deodorant Cream, Pink Grapefruit

Extreme Natural Deodorant Cream, Pink Grapefruit


Our deodorant is a little different. Not only is it aluminum free, but it’s in a jar. So yep,  you have to touch your pits to use it.

New Name Same Formula! We renamed our regular Natural Deodorant to Extreme since it's so powerful and geared for those who are not sensitive to Baking Soda and are active and out for adventure. 

You can experience nature's benefits AND smell wonderful. This is our strongest deodorant formula. This all natural deodorant combines the antibiotic, antiseptic, and antibacterial power of Non Aluminum Baking Soda and natural essential oils such as Tea Tree and Pink Grapefruit.  These essential oils are combined in an all natural gentle base of Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Non GMO Cornstarch and Organic Arrowroot to keep you fresh all day long!

Translation: You're going to love it.
2 oz. glass jar

The jar is recyclable. Or you can re-use it! They make great containers for cactus or succulents! The labels are both compostable (home and commercial) and recyclable! 

We’ll cut to the chase: everything that goes into a Golden Sky Naturals product is completely natural. Yes, everything.

How To Use

Apply a pea sized amount under your arms, breast, belt and/or feet. Or anywhere that’s not as dry or fresh smelling as you’d like. 

You may experience an armpit detox. This is normal and your body's way of pushing out the bad stuff in your old deodorants and anti-perspirants. You may find you're sweating more than usual, but you shouldn't stink. This should last 2-4 days. Once you're past the detox phase, you'll find you're not sweating nearly as much as before -even though you're not using an anti-perspirant. 

More than usual, if you start having red and itchy armpits, it's probably a reaction to baking soda. It's not fun, but it can happen. Reach out to use and we'll send you a free Sensitive Skin version. Email


unrefined coconut oil*, sodium bicarbonate, arrowroot powder*, corn starch*, beeswax, tea tree essential oil*, pink grapefruit essential oil*
 *organic ingredient


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Renee Richeson

So far so good. It's definitely being tested with the events opening up and being out in the heat.

Works great for me

Mild scent and easy to apply. Works for me and have been using same brand for about 6 months. I don't miss the chemicals and plastic waste.

BrandWhich Approved.

A super fast delivery, and time and again it stands up to the Arizonan heat. The smell is fantastic, and the ingredients are safe! A Big Fan!

Product works- disapointed in recent price increase & changed formula

First of all, this product works great as a deodorant & antiperspirant. I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis years ago & this product works better than any prescription & over the counter clinical strength deodorants & antiperspirants I've used.. That being said, I'm disappointed since my last time ordering, the price of this product has nearly doubled & the formula has changed. I noticed the latest jar I received was gray in color, not off white & upon further inspection, I noticed bentonite clay was added to the ingredient list. This change is not reflected on the photos shown of the ingredient list or on the written list shown here on the website. This last batch seems to be working just as well, but I'm tempted to just go back to making my own deodorant due to the price hike of $6.99 to $12.